Jesus said, “I give living water” (2)

Jesus gives us his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, who comes and lives within each of us. Not only does the Holy Spirit remind us that we are God’s children, the Holy Spirit also helps us to tell others this vital message. It is like we have ‘living water’ flowing from God, through us and out of us to others. God chooses to use us to bring the vital message of eternal life to those God places around us. We all have talents that God creates within each of us before we are born (Psalm 139:13) and ‘gifts’ from the Holy Spirit that enable each of us to spread this message of eternal life. When we combine our gifts and talents with other Christians we are able to be even more effective. We are not only able to tell others of God’s inclusive love for all people, we are also able to display what this looks like as we treat each other in a loving way. Hope springs eternal and, by being ‘living water’ we can eternally spread hope.

Come and visit our Metropolitan Community Church Melbourne stall (B15B) at Midsumma 2018 Carnival 14 Jan 2018, have a chat with one of our friendly volunteers, and don't forget to pick up a cold drink - on us.