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We know there are those in the LGBTIQ community looking to faith communities to offer wedding services.  MCC Melbourne seeks to meet these needs by offering event services in our church, not only tailored to the needs of the LGBTIQ community but also run by members of that same community.  With a beautiful church at our disposal and the services of our ordained pastor on offer, MCC Melbourne is well positioned to provide wedding services to a community who wish to celebrate their love for each other in an inclusive religious setting.

Christenings and Baptisms

As diverse family constellations increase in number, we we understand that there is a need for childhood religious ceremonies.  We can help you celebrate your love for your child by offering childhood Christenings and Baptisms in an inclusive religious setting.

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Vow Renewals

A vow renewal is a way to celebrate your commitment to each other.  It may be that you've been together for two years or fifty.  We can help you tell the world that you'd do it all again in a heartbeat and reaffirm your commitment for the future before God, your family and friends.