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  • Metropolitan Community Church Melbourne (map)

Jonah proclaimed a dire warning to the city of Ninevah:”Repent! Or be destroyed”.  So the city repented, and they weren’t destroyed.

Jesus preached: “Repent! And follow me.”  So the fishermen laid down their nets and followed him.

What does it mean to ‘become’ a “Christian”?

What does it mean to “Follow Jesus”?

What does it mean to Repent?

Do I need to change who we are?

Do i need to give up our unique identity?

Do I need to become like everyone else in the church?

Why do I need to “Repent” anyway?

Aren’t people in power just using the threat of hell and damnation to frighten weak minded people into doing what they want?

Surely there’s enough anxiety in the World today, without needing to add to it!!!???!!!

These are some of the many questions that come to me when I read some of the stories in the Bible. Come listen on Sunday the 21st at MCC Melbourne 7pm, as I explore some of my own thoughts about these questions.

- Dr Mark Dalgleish

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Later Event: January 28