Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall running of the church and consists of the Pastor,  Vice Moderator,  Clerk (Secretary), Treasurer, Lay Delegate & General Member.


Sue Townsend – Pastor




Louise Noorbergen

Louise Noorbergen – Vice Moderator

The Vice Moderator  is responsible for the running of the church when the Interim Pastoral Leader is unavailable. The Vice Moderator works closely with the Interim Pastoral Leader and they meet regularly to discuss the health of the church.



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Siong-wah-lai – Clerk

Our Clerk is responsible for all correspondence in and out of the church as well as setting the agendas and taking minutes for the Board of Directors meetings.  Any official papers are dealt with by the Clerk on the direction of the Board.




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Les Whitehead – Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible to keep an account of the church’s finances and to carry out directives concerning finances by the Board of Directors as well as reporting to the Board of Directors the church’s financial state.





Roland Pike – Lay Delegate

Our Lay Delegate represents MCC Melbourne whenever meetings are held with other churches of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches.  He reports on what is happening within UFMCC around the world.



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Travers Loy – General Member

The General Member is responsible for reporting suggestions or concerns of the congregation back to the Board of Directors.